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Geocyte (“Earth cell“) empowers life science b2b solutions providers & professionals in translating research into results and tailoring products to target markets.


Science explained.

Develop high-value, engaging scientific marketing and sales enablement content tailored to your target audience in the life sciences. From supporting your already focused sales and marketing teams to directing content strategy and tactics, Geocyte is your partner for telling scientifically compelling narratives and establishing thought leadership in your sector.


Product Marketing

Turn your product information and publications into technically sound narratives your customers want to consume and improve your thought leadership across channels.

Geoff Buckeyes

Sales Enablement

Create customer-facing slide decks and collateral your sales professionals are excited to present. Integrate sales training to gain immediate value from new content.


Science Consulting

Metabolomics analysis & interpretation

Product marketing claims from data

Study design & execution

Media Examples

Our approach

How can you convince scientists, engineers, and clinicians that your platform, tool, or service will help them develop innovative life science products?

As a science communication organization, Geocyte empathizes with your customers' needs. Together with your business development, sales, and marketing teams, we unearth the value and differentiators your products & services provide that uniquely address research gaps. The resulting narratives, publications, and product marketing communications convey that value clearly and succinctly.

Case Studies, Videos, & Webinars

Webpages & Product Collateral

Publications & White Papers

Posters, Abstracts, & Conferences

Press Releases & Blogs

Application Areas

Metabolism & Microbiome

Metabolism medly
  • Human & animal nutrition
  • 'Omics technologies & biomarkers
  • Skincare & consumer goods


  • Cell & gene therapy
  • Host-microbe interactions
  • Autoimmune diseases

Structural Biology

drinking bird
  • X-ray crystallography
  • Biochemistry
  • Biophysics


"Geoff essentially contracted as our marketing content lead at a pivotal time during new product launches. He applied science focused content and a customer-centric perspective to our website, collateral, emails, sales decks, LinkedIn posts, videos, sales training, you name it."

Charlene C
Sanguine Biosciences

"Geoff helped us take our first important steps in marketing our products and communicating our unique value to customers."

Alexey M
Arome Science

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