New Product?

What is your go-to-market scientific content strategy?

We can help you identify and communicate your product's value wedge:

  1. Who are your customers? (market fit)
  2. Why do customers need it? (addresses pain)
  3. What makes it unique? (vs the competition)
  4. What are it's strengths? (features and benefits relevant to pain)

Communicating your product value

Do you understand your customers and their pain? How does your product address their pain? What features and benefits differentiate your product from the competition? Finally, what evidence do you have to back up your claims? The best evidence comes from happy customers, especially those who publish their results.

Geocyte can help you answer these questions. Together, we can strategize, design, and produce the content you and your sales team can't wait to present to prospective clients. 

Go-to-market content strategy:

  • Webpages & blogs
  • White papers & publications
  • Case Studies
  • Slide Decks
  • Collateral
  • Videos
  • Conference material
  • Email, social media, advertisements, etc

Example product go-to-market campaign

Sanguine Biosciences wanted to revamp a product that had suddenly generated renewed interest due to a competitor leaving the marketplace. Starting with reimagined website and collateral content, Geocyte developed an updated go-to-market content strategy that included a short overview video, updated slides in the sales deck, case studies based on published results, slides and content for a live webinar, social media posts, a blog entry, and fresh email drip campaigns, including those directed at new prospective markets.

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Blog: A Fast and Fresh Feature for Translational Research
Onsite Program Webinar (on-demand)

Additional content resources: customize and prioritize your campaigns

Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Strategy and Tactics, including:

  • Sales & investor pitch decks
  • Email drip campaigns
  • Social Media posts
  • Google / Bing Ads

Ready to design a strategy or content project?