Cell and Gene Therapy

Geocyte has worked with solutions providers whose customers are therapeutics companies on the front lines of immunotherapy, cell & gene therapy, and gene editing. Their offerings typically appeal to discovery and translational scientists and early-stage clinicians including:

  • 'Omics technologies, biomarker discovery, and validation
  • Biospecimen procurement, processing, and preparation
  • Instrument solutions and automation

Given that metabolic pathways, regulation, and reprogramming are paramount to both tumor and immune function, Geocyte is well-positioned to understand the value propositions of research support solutions targeting cancer immunotherapy scientists.

Example: Improving live tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) recovery

Scientists from Charles River Laboratories and Curiox Biosystems collaborated to characterize the performance and workflow of Laminar WashTM systems in isolating and preparing tumor-infiltrating leukocytes (TILs) from anti-PD1-challenged CT26 mice as a model system.

This white paper was written in the style of a research article to showcase the utility of the Laminar Wash technology in a high-value application, immunotherapy research sample preparation, and provide potential customers with a flow cytometry workflow example.

Example: Cell & gene therapy RUO products (leukopaks) from human donors

Geocyte developed a complete go-to-market content strategy for a Sanguine Bioscience new product launch. The apheresis product market was unique for the client, requiring them to collect specimens in a facility rather than at donors' homes. The product further increased the company's footprint in the cell & gene therapy market, as leukopaks are in-demand products that replicate the "end result" drug ultimately given to patients.

Additional content associated with leukopak products include blogs & press releases, a white paper, donor recruitment videos, and case studies. Please follow the links to view these examples.

Leukopak product page [clipped]

Cell and gene therapy application collateral

Application brochure for C&GT
PBMC, T, B, NK cell isolation service sheet

Associated product collateral

Leukopak product sheet
LeukoLots product sheet
LeukoLots product sheet

Example: 'Omics technology service for biomarker discovery and validation

Geocyte developed Arome Science's first collateral describing the company's metabolomics analysis and data interpretation service. Customers can use Arome's technology to simultaneously discover new and unknown metabolite and lipid biomarkers while quantitatively interrogating known biomarkers using untargeted and targeted metabolomics.

The product sheet describes the unique technology, its applications, two example published examples of its prowess, and a product table so customers can determine the level of service they need.

Instrument overview and laboratory protocol examples

Leukopak PBMC Isolation Protocol
HT2000 instrument brochure

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