Case Studies

Do your customers cite your tool or service in the experimental methods section of their peer-reviewed publications?

Do you track these publications and put them on your website as trophies?

Did you know enormous value in the eyes of your customers can be extracted from these trophies?

Case studies are abbreviated narratives that can be used across channels (e.g., websites and sales decks) to demonstrate your product's peer-reviewed value to the research community. A well-crafted case study will have your prospective customers saying, "Oh, that's cool science with an actionable insight. I can see myself doing that, too."


Microbiome & Metabolomics:
Potential biomarker and metabolic mechanism for ALS

Target Discovery:
Identifying a specific indication for a drug MoA


Microbiome & Metabolomics:
Ketogenic efficacy in epilepsy (recorded ppt slide)

IND-Enabling Studies:
Confirming preclinical PK/PD in patient biospecimens


Clinical Biomarkers:
Replicating the final cell therapy product

Biomarker Benchmarking:
COVID-19 vaccine development with at-home collected samples


Process Development:
Using leukopaks to replicate the final cell therapy product

Gene editing:
Using leukopaks to isolate
rare cell types

Please inquire about additional examples from sales decks, which are available upon request.

Ask about sales training opportunities in creating value and strategies for communicating science to your customers!

Video Storyboarding

Videos can be a succinct and powerful medium for conveying value to your customers.
Geocyte has extensive experience in helping life science companies create video narratives, including: 

  • Outline and storyboard the narrative, including text and voiceover
  • Suggest laboratory footage or photos to use as raw material
  • Graphics, video, and sound editing
  • Use your own footage or stock videos and images

Example: Service Offering

Sanguine Biosciences was finding an old product that was previously not promoted and suddenly started gaining traction. Working with the sales and marketing teams, Geocyte created a less than 3-minute video with text, voiceover, and stock footage to describe the product and how it could benefit a research program. As part of the reimagined go-to-market content strategy, Geocyte also reimagined and updated the website content and collateral, went into further depth with a new blog, created a new deck for a webinar, and updated the sales deck.

See our website and collateral page for additional products with multiple content assets.

Example: Direct-to-Patient Recruitment

Sanguine Biosciences maintains a network of patient and healthy donors that serve as the basis for their translational study design and leukopak biospecimen procurement business. Geocyte came on board just as the leukopak product was being conceptualized, and generated a video to help recruit disease-state patients in the network to donate via leukapheresis.

See our website and collateral page for comprehensive examples of leukopak b2b marketing materials tailored to translational and process development scientists.

Examples: Instrument Technology

Here, Geocyte storyboarded and produced an ultralow budget short video providing an overview of the Laminar Wash AUTO1000 system, which retails for ~$200k.

In this ~3-minute, ultralow budget "Time-Motion Study," workflows of the status quo and a Laminar Wash system were compared side-by-side to show the time savings and walkaway simplicity of using the updated solution.

Instrument Virtual Demonstration Examples:

Watch additional ultralow budget instrument demonstration videos storyboarded and produced by Geocyte and performed by members of the Curiox research team in Singapore:


From recruiting speakers, consulting on the content, and creating the slides to hosting, Geocyte has your webinar needs covered.
As a rule of thumb, your successful customers are your best webinar presenters. 

Example: Product Offering

As part of the "refresh" go-to-market strategy revisiting a newly popular product (described above under "Videos"), Geocyte worked with Sanguine to develop a webinar covering the ins and outs of the Employer Onsite Program. Geocyte created the presentation, including a series of new case studies highlighting the product's utility in peer-reviewed publications, wrote advertising emails and social media posts, and copy for the website landing page.

Ready to translate complex information into a compelling narrative?