Posters and Abstracts

Touring the conference circuit is a tried-and-true method for raising awareness and gathering leads, but the costs associated with designing, populating, and registering a booth can quickly escalate. 

Is your company pursuing research & development efforts to satisfy demand and stay ahead of the competition? Of course, it is! A scientific poster showcasing your technology in an application relevant to the conference or trade show you want to attend is a cost-effective approach to supplementing or circumventing the need for a traditional booth. Or better yet, you can co-present your poster with a happy customer who is eager to show off the data your technology or service contributed.

Geocyte can help you generate a compelling and scientifically exciting poster to present at your next conference. Please take a look at some examples below.

Automation technology for immunotherapy development

The poster, "Semi and fully-automated immunostaining sample preparation platforms improve live leukocyte recovery, reproducibility, and flow cytometry data quality," was customized and presented at several conferences from late 2021 through 2022. Geocyte also wrote the abstract and handled the submissions for acceptance. Conferences and specific applications include:

Microbiome-focused nutritional therapy research in companion animals

Geocyte collaborated with scientists and clinicians at a leading science-based pet food company to publish two manuscripts on a novel prebiotic fiber blend that provided systemic nutritional health benefits potentiated through the microbiome. Geocyte wrote the abstracts accepted for talks, which the lead scientist presented in both cats and dogs at the prestigious FASEB Experimental Biology conference.

Structural biology, biochemistry, and biophysical research

See posters (some of which were associated with invited talks) presented nationally and internationally during our research days.

Unfolding Anthrax: Molecular Mechanisms of Protein Transport. Presented as a poster and a talk at several conferences and symposia.

Structure and function of two novel virulence factors from Francisella tularensis. Presented as a poster at the Biophysical Society (abstract published in the Biophysical Journal) and featured in popular science news outlets, including NPR's Science Friday.

Conference Materials

Ask Geocyte to design or consult on your next booth design. Please see examples below.

Sanguine booth SLAS

Sanguine Biosciences at SLAS 2024. Hard to see, but Geocyte produced all four collateral documents they handed out to exhibit attendees.


Curiox Biosystems at Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 2021. Yes, we still had to wear masks back then.