More About Our Founder, Geoff

A Life of Science and Baseball

Geoff grew up in Georgia and has always been a huge baseball fanatic. Before getting his bachelors in Chemistry from Georgia Tech, he was a regular participant in the school's summer baseball camp program.

A lifelong Braves fan, Geoff relishes in their prolific 2021 World Series championship, which felt a lot like the magical run to the 1991 World Series team, upon which he cut his proverbial baseball teeth.

Upon moving to the Bay Area for the doctorate program in Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, Geoff adopted the Oakland A's as his American League team (yes, you can do that). The A's also enjoyed a magical run during his time there, winning the AL West in 2010 & 2011, and an AL Wild Card in 2012.


Dogs and The Great Outdoors

While Geoff has almost continuously had a canine "best friend" since childhood, he found his passion for animal welfare as a Durham, North Carolina resident. First as a dog walker, then as an event coordinator, Geoff made his mark at the Animal Protection Society of Durham, the nonprofit that runs the county shelter. He passionately served on the APS Board of Directors from 2019 until moving to Ohio in summer 2021.

An avid camper, hiker, kayaker, and traveler, Geoff loves being outside more than anywhere, despite being cursed with fair complexion. Hiking shoes, sunscreen, and prescription sunglasses at the ready, Geoff is always anticipating his next adventure on bumpy and mountainous terrain or freshwater lakes and rivers.

Ireland castle
Clouds rest
Geoff and his dog Tongo, an avid Hill's Pet Science Diet eater, hike in the Appalachian Mountains near Roanoke, VA, May 2020